Sunday, April 15, 2012

'I Gotta' Go!'

When you hear those words, and they are from a child, you know exactly what it means and you better hurry!  In fact, I was at my 9 yr old’s first baseball game just this past weekend, and a young girl, probably about 3 yrs old was screaming to her mother, ‘I gotta’ go, I gotta’ go!’, but her mom was a little distracted by the game and didn’t hear her…most of you think you know what comes next and that’s wet pants.  BUT this little girl surprised us all and simply sat on the ground, pulled down her drawers, and went right there in the grass.  Yes, that happened.  So when I heard her saying, ‘I gotta’ go, I gotta’ go!’ repeatedly, it took me back a few months ago with a ‘somewhat’ similar situation for myself.  I was sitting in a room of about 100 Maximized Living Doctors and we were getting the debriefing on our assignments, opportunities, and calendar for taking care of the world teams in this Olympic year.  When I found out that the Olympic Wrestling Trials were in Iowa City and I could go, I repeatedly, internally, kept yelling to myself, ‘I gotta’ go, I gotta’ go!’   So I applied for the opportunity and prayed and prayed some more.  And wouldn’t you know it, as Psalm 118:26 states, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord…’ I was BEYOND BLESSED with this opportunity to travel to Iowa City April 20-22 to represent the Wellness Advisory Council of Maximized Living and USA Wrestling!  Looking forward to simply being present there and soaking it all in.  But more importantly, I’m looking forward to being there and CONTRIBUTING to the US winning gold this coming summer.  You see, wrestlers specifically REQUIRE structural corrective type Chiropractic or plain and simply, their spine rots about 100x as fast as the typical American.  Destroying their quality of life, causing a lifetime of extreme pain, and developing disease and dysfunction.  Oh, and did I mention squash their performance levels?  These men and women (yes, the ladies get to play too now, and it’s incredible to witness by the way) need our help on a massive level.  So it’s my pleasure and honor to be able to travel to Iowa City this weekend and be a part of something very exciting.  God is good! 
What I don’t want any of my readers to forget, however, is that YOU are an Olympian in your own right.  Whether you are a mom, a dad, a CEO, or a janitor, YOU MATTER.  Medals are cool and the more the better for the USA, but a society of healthy, functional, balanced, and drug free citizens is when REAL GOLD is won.  Our purpose in Maximized Living and the Wellness Advisory Council is not simply to adjust athletes to win more medals.  Our purpose is to represent ALL that Maximized Living is about, every essential, so that these athletes when their careers are over, not only performed at their best, but they then go on to be what we call, a ‘Maximizer’, just like many of you.  Help us continue to help our communities, country, and world win GOLD in life by living the 5 essentials.  Below is the link and site for the event.  It’s going to be epic!

Upcoming opportunities in the clinic:
·      Recipe Night – Monday, April 23, 2012. Come taste AMAZING and DELICIOUS health food! 

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