Saturday, January 14, 2012

You Don't Choose Cancer....Or Do You? The Cure Found For 66% of Cancer

The billboards read:

“You Don’t Choose Cancer. But You Can Choose How To Fight It.”

What if you DO choose cancer - blindly, ignorantly, or unknowingly? Let’s really examine this. The American Cancer Society publishes The Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Facts and Figures booklet and I try to read it each and every year. Interestingly, over the years, the research is now pointing in a much different direction then simply genetics, family history, and bad luck. To summarize, in 2011 there were a little more than 500,000 cancer deaths (That’s not incidence of cancers, this is death statistics only). And according to the ACS report, 1/3 of those were due to smoking and second hand smoke exposure, while the next 1/3 of the deaths were due to poor diet and physical inactivity. (Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Facts and Figures 2011, pg. 17) What this means is over 330,000 people literally DID CHOOSE CANCER, ULTIMATELY KILLING THEMSELVES. Harsh words? Yes. True? Yes. Insensitive? Hear me out because it’s time we get serious people. You deserve better. Your children deserve better. Your country deserves better. And the WORLD deserves better. WE CAN ALL DO BETTER.

The facts based on real statistics: We already have the cure for at least 66% of cancer, and it’s called prevention through LIFESTYLE CHOICES. I personally believe that the number is higher and hovers around the 90% range as some studies have shown. There’s something called The Maximized Living 5 essentials. When instituted FROM BIRTH (OR AS SOON AS YOU LEARN ABOUT IT) until death, we close in on that number – FAST. Maximized Living is a health care delivery system that changes the way people view and manage health FROM THE INSIDE OUT. It is based on making great lifestyle choices for you and your family, the core foundation to curing cancer, at least 66% of it. The five essentials are Maximizing your mind, Maximizing your spine and nerve system, Maximizing nutrition, Maximizing oxygenation and lean muscle through exercise, and Minimizing toxins. Notice they aren’t called ‘The Five Good Ideas’ or ‘5 Things You Already Know’ – they are called ESSENTIALS for a reason. Without them YOU GET CANCER AND MANY OF YOU WILL DIE FROM THAT CHOICE.

Speaking of choices, that is what this boils down to. Let me start by saying, I'm not perfect at this, and perfect isn’t the goal. The goal is consistently doing our best and working toward perfect, knowing that perfect is nearly impossible, but never stopping. I was at breakfast the other day at a local restaurant, and I always make note of what people are eating. Not to judge them, but to remind me that our country is full of people who are unknowingly, ignorantly, or carelessly killing themselves with what’s on their fork and I have a lot of work to do to inspire them to act differently. I had the sad opportunity to watch a lady, who I estimate weighed around 330-350 pounds, order a stack of pancakes. And this was no small/short stack or whole grain/flax pancakes with fresh berries on top. These were at least TEN inches in diameter, roughly 1 inch thick EACH and the stack was about 6” tall with 6 pancakes on it. She proceeded to slather on the fake butter substance full of disease causing trans fats onto each and every pancake. And then finished with an estimated ¾ cup to 1 cup of syrup, no doubt loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup and God knows what other additives and preservatives. And she then ate EVERY pancake. My heart broke. It was all I could do not to walk over and give her a ticket to the makeover this Thursday. Touchy subject though. Very touchy. But my mind is beginning to shift further and further away from worrying about people’s feelings and into what’s best for them and to be their inspirational health care leader. While I passed this time on calling out this stranger and inviting her, I am not passing on calling out YOU and inviting you. Obese people create cancer through choices. Skinny people create cancer through choices. Kids create cancer through THEIR PARENTS choices and lack of discipline over them. Not too mention heart disease, diabetes, ADD/ADHD, Autism, depression, and about every other chronic disease in this world. IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE. It’s time to move health to the TOP of your priority chain, AND LEAVE IT THERE – FOREVER. And then it’s time to inspire OTHERS to do the same. Will that cost money? Yes. Do you know the cost of cancer? Heart Disease? Diabetes? Besides your life we are talking 6 figures most of the time.

It’s very simple, you are either CHOOSING LIFE or DEATH. It’s up to you. Although I’ve watched people who leave this up to themselves and they continue to kill themselves because of lack of purpose, discipline, and leadership. The Maximized Living Makeover IS your tool and resource, to BECOME DIFFERENT. To stand up and end this. AVON is currently doing their walk in which they are ‘In It To End It.’ Noble and worthy. The funny thing is however, we don’t have to walk – we have to SIMPLY CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY – AND DON’T CHOOSE CANCER.


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