Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tires and Health?

I’ve done it again. I had a regular everyday experience become a HUGE metaphor to share with others about health and chiropractic. I recently went shopping for new tires on my wife’s SUV. What was interesting was the vastly differing opinions of every tire 'guy' I spoke with. I had my mind set on getting only 2 new tires because two were still in great shape with a lot of tread left on them. After listening to the wide array of recommendations, I came up with TWO distinct categories of these recommendations, which I’ve expanded on below:

1) This tire ‘guy’ was extremely agreeable to whatever it was that I wanted. Like I said, I was set on only 2 tires, so speaking to this ‘guy’ was comforting to a degree because he was ‘honoring my wishes’ and ‘listening to me’. It felt good. But even though it ‘felt good’, it didn’t make sense. How could I put an unmatched set of tires with completely different tread on the car that will spin and wear differently and somehow it could be the best thing? Not too mention, the ‘guy’ in this category, was also simply trying to sell me the most inexpensive tires, not the best. Basically, this ‘guy’ will tell you what you want to hear, he just wants to make a sale. Period. So if someone is simply telling you what you want to hear, and what you want to hear isn’t true, isn’t that lying?

2) This tire ‘guy’ was extremely knowledgeable about tires and automobiles. He showed me research as to what happens when you put unmatched tires on a car. Transfer cases blowing causing major transmission damage ‘possibly’. Now he was quick to mention, it doesn’t happen to every car, but it does happen, he simply wanted me to know my risks. He also showed me the BEST tires, not the CHEAPEST tires. He was honest and told me that I did have just enough tread left on two of my tires that I could safely put on two more tires just like the ones that were currently on the car and be a okay for a little while. He then went on to show me the price of these 2 tires and showed me that I could get an almost equally comparable complete set of 4 tires for only $200 more TOTAL because they had a coupon saving me $250 on that brand. If I went this route, I would have 4 brand new tires, equal in quality and style, wouldn’t have to go back and get 2 more in a short time, and be confident and safe with my family on board. Pretty much, he was honest and told me the TRUTH.

The Category 1 tire guy above is saying, “I don’t care about your car or your family that rides in it. I only care about myself and money, so I will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to make a buck, even if it isn’t true or good for you.”

The Category 2 tire guy above is saying, “I care about your car and your family that rides in it too much NOT to tell you the truth. I won’t let you leave my tire shop without you understanding all of the risks and rewards of your decision at hand. Then if something happens, the blood is on YOUR hands, not mine.”

BUT, the Category 2 guy actually takes it a step further, if you really understand this. Remember he shared with me the risks of using unmatched tires. Some may say that was using a ‘scare’ tactic. I disagree. That was a ‘care’ tactic. Even if the chances were slim, he felt it his responsibility to let me know the risk. And in fact, he went on to say he wouldn’t even put on 2 unmatched tires because of his commitment to his belief and understanding of this risk. How could he recommend something that he didn’t believe in, that could cause harm to me, my family, others on the road, and to his reputation? In his mind he couldn’t do that, even to make a buck. So he wouldn’t. EVEN IF THE CUSTOMER WANTED HIM TO.

I’m sure you can see where this is going. Regarding your health and the health of your family and friends – I will tell you the truth. You will see and understand the risks at hand and what can be done to diminish those risks and what happens if you ignore the risks and do nothing. And when it’s an xray of your spine, it’s black and white. If it’s misaligned and damaged – you are building disease. If it’s nutrition and you are eating commercial animal meats and dairy products – you are building disease. If it’s toxicity and you are filling your child or yourself with vaccines, additives, and preservatives – you are building disease. It’s impossible not to be. Stay on track with your adjustments, your home care. Get your children's spines checked. Get your family eating the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans, buy the Beyond Organic beef and beverages, and take the right supplements. Your health has to be your #1 priority this year. If you are one of my readers, you have no other choice. J

-Dr. Ochsner

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