Monday, January 9, 2012

And she said, "I am just not comfortable with that..."

I was talking to a patient last week and she told me a story that literally made me sick to my stomach. This patient has been under care many years along with her husband and children. She’s a health professional herself, she REALLY understands Chiropractic and especially the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living. How do I know? Well I have diagnosed the 3 main symptoms of REALLY understanding: 1) Her entire family is under care. 2) She tells others constantly about Maximized Living and it’s amazing results. 3) She and her family almost never miss appointments. It’s also important to understand that this woman hasn’t had any ‘handouts’ or ‘easy roads’ in helping her family, especially one of her children, achieve amazing levels of health and function through Maximized Living and the 5 Essentials. You see, her one boy has a form of dwarfism, Autism, and has had to ‘eat’ through a tube for nearly his entire life. It’s important to know this entire ‘back-story’, before you hear possibly the most ridiculously unprofessional events I have ever heard in nearly 15 years of practice. Buckle up.

You see, the mother (who I’ll just call ‘Linda’) Linda, has been now for sometime since learning about true health and the 5 essentials ‘feeding’ her son (who I’ll just call ‘Alan’) Alan much differently than a typical child with a feeding tube. You see the ‘standard’ for nutrition for kids/people with a tube is usually ‘Pediasure’ by Abbott. The ingredients include things that I would never imagine feeding my children such as Corn Maltodextrin topping the list for ‘energy’, or ‘calories’. Also, fructooligosaccharides are an added artificial sweetener that because of one small scientific study showing it increased calcium absorption. There are three sources of protein including Milk protein, Whey protein concentrate, and soy protein isolate. The milk and whey are obviously NOT from a Cow that only eats grass, never had antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines, and hasn’t filled it’s milk with stress hormones from living in close quarters with hundreds of other cattle. The soy protein is one of the most damaging, difficult to digest, processed proteins that exists, my children never get Soy (except for the occasional Edimame). The oils that are used are not your oils/fats that you would see similar to breast milk, which is saturated fats. They use unsaturated fats from safflower oil and soy oil (there’s soy again). There then are obviously many vitamins and minerals added, which are mostly synthetic (‘man made’ not from nature), along with multiple ‘other ingredients’ to give the product taste and texture appealing to kids, of course not forgetting today’s typical children have a taste and texture appeal to sweet, salty, and/or smooth. So they fill it up with salt, gums, and gels. The end product? The ‘Gold-standard’ for liquid nutrition of every hospital and dietician on the planet. Which is exactly where the story gets RIDICULOUS…

You see Linda hasn’t tube fed this stuff to her son ever since learning about the damaging effects of the ingredients in the bottle. She actually chose to make her own liquid nutrition, and use an alternative liquid called ‘Orgain’. The ingredients include NO Corn derivatives for ‘calories’ from sugar. The Protein blend is Organic Whey & Organic Milk – a much better alternative than commercial milk, whey, and soy. The sugars are from Organic Brown rice, Organic Cane juice. The oil used is SUNFLOWER oil, not SAFFLOWER oil. And they add SEA SALT instead of regular salt. The vitamin blend is a much shorter list of ‘synthetics’ because of the other ingredients coming up. Yes, it only gets better. You see this company then adds a VEGETABLE blend of all Organic kale, beet, spinach, carrot, and tomato and a FRUIT blend of all Organic blueberry, banana, acai, apple, and raspberry. AND an antioxidant blend of Organic pomegranate and Green Tea extract (decaffeinated). So this drink isn’t ‘perfect’ but stand it next to ‘Pediasure’ and it’s no contest. This actually has REAL food in it.

Oh yes, the hospital/dietician thing. So every year, Linda gets insurance reimbursement for the liquid nutrition she has to purchase to give her son. It requires a letter of medical necessity from her doctor. Well her Doctor ‘deferred’ to the dietician stating that as a Gastroenterologist, nutrition wasn’t his area of expertise! (REMEMBER THAT ONE!) Yes, Doctors, even digestive specialists, admit they know NOTHING about nutrition. And the dietician, the ‘PROFESSIONAL’ tells Linda, get this, “I’m sorry, I am just not comfortable with recommending this product for your son.’ Bam, wow, yes that just happened. Linda was in disbelief. Because the ‘liquid’ wasn’t the ‘norm’ the professional wasn’t ‘comfortable.’ Or is the truth that the dietician wasn’t KNOWLEGABLE enough to make a clinical judgment/correlation based on actual information…I mean read the stinkin’ label lady! And in the words of Linda, ‘What wasn’t she comfortable with, Fruits and Vegetables?’ Well what I admire the most about Linda is that of course she said that REGARDLESS of her ‘dietician’ recommending this or not for insurance reimbursement, she will spend the $150/month out of pocket GLADLY to feed her son better nutrition before feeding her son poison just to get $150 from her insurance company.

PS – They also told Linda her son Alan would never talk and to save $ for long term care – he’s a bright, amazing young man who speaks, interacts, and has a social life! I think MOTHER knows best.

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  1. Great read doc. I love following your work. keep it up!