Sunday, January 1, 2012

Health Lessons from SouthWest Airlines...

You wouldn’t think one would gain many health lessons while flying, but as most of my readers know, anything is possible if you look for it! My son and I just took a trip on Southwest Airlines and the following announcement came over the loudspeaker: ‘Have a Happy New Year. BUT more importantly, have a HEALTHY new year!’ Which spawned my already active mind looking for nuggets out there in today’s world representing health. This person making this announcement obviously recognizes that happiness is SECONDARY to healthiness. My guess is that in her life, she has seen this be the LAW and wants others to recognize that BEFORE it’s too late. So she spreads the word. Sounds like Maximized Living to me J.

Just when I thought my health ‘nugget’ for the day had come and gone, Southwest Airlines continued to amaze me. We were sitting near the exit row, and as most of you know, those in the exit row are expected to perform certain duties in an emergency. While the flight attendant was giving her orientation as to what those expectations were, two of the passengers were blatantly not listening. That wasn’t working for her. She stopped, stated, ‘Excuse me, these are important instructions you must pay attention to.’ The female passenger then apologized and tuned in. However, her male counterpart chose to continue reading his smartphone. Again, this didn’t go well. The flight attendant stopped again and stated, ‘Sir, other people’s lives may be in your hands in an emergency, and you must listen and verbally agree to these expectations.’ Needless to say, he continued to be non-committal, behave irresponsibly, and give an under his breath verbal ‘yes’. As the flight attendant rolled her eyes and headed back to the front of the plane disgusted, I found myself having to fight my own emotions of wanting to hurt this guy! As I thought about it further, I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment of exactly why people are sicker and more miserable than ever these days…and what needs to be done about it:

Most of us have forgotten or never learned:

1) Healthiness CREATES Happiness. It’s impossible to be truly HAPPY if you are sick, suffering, miserable, or dead. You may say, ‘No, it is possible to be happy and be very sick.’ And yes, you can force any emotion in the short term. But over time, I guarantee you if we polled a thousand people in a nursing home or with cancer, every one of them would tell you their level of HAPPINESS is directly related to their level of HEALTHINESS.

2) Our own choices and level of health affect EVERYONE ELSE. The man above who failed to recognize that the responsibility he had signed up for by choosing the seat that he did, was not only putting himself at risk, but putting others at risk too. This same type of person will WAIT until they are sick, and then expect someone else (like their spouse, sibling, child, insurance company, or the government) to fix them. And when that doesn’t work, many will blame the other party as well! I challenge all of you to take TOTAL responsibility for your life and health, and that of your family. When you get sick, it costs ALL OF US (insurance premiums, lost wages from taking off work to care for someone, emotional distress, and more). Do your part in this time of renewal to get well, stay well, and take responsibility.

3) Health is due to favor AND choices, NOT luck and chance. I saw a billboard the other day that said something to the effect, ‘You don’t choose Cancer. But you can choose how you fight it.’ And if one believes that luck and chance create your health, then they would believe this billboard. However, if one believes health comes from favor AND choices, then they would want to burn this billboard down, because it’s an ‘enabling’ message. It ‘enables’ people to play victim and not take responsibility. But if everyone took the 5 essentials of Maximized Living seriously from DAY 1 of their child’s life, I believe cancer and other diseases would be nearly eliminated. And maybe, just maybe, the reason God is not placing favor on your health, is due to your choices. When you break a law there are consequences. Health is no different. For instance, do not put unleaded gas in a diesel engine or it will destroy it. But we put the wrong fuel in our families daily; we poison them as well with toxins (knowingly, unknowingly, and ignorantly), and neglect their spine and nerve system for a lifetime. Then, we expect a medical miracle to ‘fix’ everything. Not a health plan of longevity. I encourage you to make better choices for you and your family this New Year.

And of course, if transforming the health of the world is the mission, then I beg you to take the responsibility for that on with us. Once you are enlightened, I believe it’s your moral and ethical obligation to tell others. Do your part, make a difference for someone tomorrow, TODAY. Tell them about Maximized Living.

- Doc O.

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