Friday, January 20, 2012

Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

Great question. Most don't pay attention, and in the mouth it goes! With no concern of the ingredients, what the animal ate (or didn't eat), how the animal was treated, how many hormones and antibiotics the animal was given, or even knowing the potential positive and negative effects of the food to the body in the short and long term. In America especially, it's all about TASTE and CONVENIENCE. Any idea what this pink substance is in the picture? Watch this amazing webinar to not only find out what that picture is, but to find out 'Where Your Food Comes From.' And of course you will learn about the healthiest and best sources of nutrition in the entire world. How cool would it be if great healthy foods could also be TASTY AND CONVENIENT? Well they can!!!! Just click the link below to watch the previously recorded webinar, it's roughly 60 minutes in length. You can even listen in while you work on your computer and shrink the webinar window to a small size in a corner of your screen. Enjoy!!!

Drs. Ashly Ochsner and Mark Myers along with Deb Bruckschen of Beyond Organic

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