Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The End of Cancer?

Newsweek Magazine, December 19th issue has an extremely troubling article titled, 'Could This Be The End of Cancer?'. In short, the article shed light on whether or not a vaccine will cure cancer. The concept revolved around the fact that they found a vaccine that would increase immune system /CD4 cell counts. “But Dr. O, how can an article showing hope for curing cancer be troubling?” Allow me to expand…

There are three fundamental reasons as to why this article troubles me deeply:

  1. Is the cause of cancer due to a lack of a vaccine, chemical, virus, or drug in the body? Similar question would be, are the cause of headaches due to a lack of aspirin or Tylenol in the body? What I mean is that this approach to curing cancer is flawed. Fundamentally flawed. If something is fundamentally flawed, it can NEVER work.
  2. Vaccines specifically, contain chemicals that CAUSE cancer. Things like formaldehyde, carbolic acid, foreign animal proteins, and viral DNA. Even chemotherapy drugs many times cause other cancers. For instance, some breast cancer drugs have been proven to cause Leukemia later in life. Fundamentally flawed.
  3. This research is highly outdated. On October 25th, 2003 research was published* regarding tests that were performed on patients by an independent medical center. In summary, the control group experienced a 7.96% decrease in CD4 cell levels and the test group experienced a 48% increase in CD4 cell levels. And what’s incredible is that the test group wasn’t receiving a vaccine. They also weren’t receiving a drug. And furthermore, they weren’t receiving ANYTHING that’s injected or swallowed. ‘So then Dr. O, how did the patients get better?’ Logical question. And the answer is with Chiropractic adjustments. Yes, by removing interference to the nerve system at the level of the brainstem (upper neck), the power in the BODY did the healing.

So I ask the question, “Is the cure for cancer in a shot, bottle, pill, potion, or food? Or is the ‘cure’ for cancer already inside of us?” And would that ‘cure’ ever need to ‘cure’ us if consistently we HONORED that power in the body, and worked with the power and NEVER interfered with the power? Then the body would NOT let cancer develop in the first place. Make sense?

So in summary, there should be ONE thought crossing your mind right now:

‘When can I get my children and family scheduled to see if they have interference in their spines, causing decreased immunity, increasing their risk of cancer.’

If this thought didn’t cross your mind, either you didn’t truly read and understand this or you don’t believe it. So I encourage you to read it again until you do understand it. And if you don’t believe it, I encourage you to notice the research study cited below supporting this.

I simply want you and your family to reach their full God-given potential, spending as many QUALITY years together as possible. To do that, you MUST have a nerve system free and clear of interference. It would be an honor and pleasure to check any of your family members this week for Subluxation. Get them scheduled with a Maximized Living Chiropractor right away. Their lives depend on it.

* ‘The Effects of Specific Upper Cervical Adjustments on the CD4 counts of HIV Patients, October 25, 2003; Selano, Hightower, Pfleger, Collins, Grostic.’

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