Sunday, May 1, 2011

No Labels. No Limits. Maximizing Healthy Neurodevelopment in Kids

Pregnancy. A mom to be has the best intentions for her delicate baby on board. But she didn’t know the damaging effects of the high fructose corn syrup in her diet, the artificial toxic sweeteners in her diet soda. She also didn’t know that the mercury in her silver fillings in her teeth, actually do leach murcury into her body. And mercury crosses the blood brain barrier and the placenta, as well as enters the breast milk.

Birth. Mom didn’t realize that her birth she wanted to do ‘naturally’ would be complicated by interventions like pitocin, wires, chemicals, and the most un-natural birthing position of lying on her back. She also didn’t know that the interventions would continue and vaccum extractor cups would be used on her child, damaging their skull and spinal cord.

Newborn. Mom didn’t know that in the vaccines given to her baby included a toxic dose of Vitamin K, human and viral dna, cell cultures from pig blood, monkey kidney tissue, chicken embryo cells, or even aborted human fetuses. And she also didn’t know that chemicals like borax, carbolic acid, and formaldehyde along with heavy metals like aluminum and murcury were also in the shots.

Infant – Toddler. No one ever taught mom to read the labels of what she was feeding her new baby. Genetically Modified baby foods, corn syrup laden formula, and even though she thought breast feeding was the best thing for her child, she had no idea that nearly every toxin in her body would pass to the baby through the breast, just like it did the placenta.

Health Challenges. Now the mom’s baby has symptoms. Allergies, eczema, ear infections, reflux, and asthma. So off to the doctor they go. And medications she is given. Antibiotics, steroids, and reflux drugs to ‘help’ her child. Not knowing the damaging effects of the medicaitons and previous toxic exposures on the immune system, the heart, and other organs, including the brain.

Threshold Exceeded. Next the mother sees her child stop hitting milestones. Stops talking, communicating. Starts strange behaviors like hand flapping, sitting in the corner, self injuring his/herself, fecal smearing, and outbursts of rage and anger that would scare a US Marine.

IMG_0001.JPGYou just read the normal standard (but extremely abbreviated) path of raising a child in today’s over-medicalized world. Is it any wonder we have neurodevelopmental problems at rates never before seen in history? It’s time to stop the madness and insert some sanity. Don’t miss the big event, May 14, 2011 where parents, grandparents, therapists, teachers, and doctors will all learn the CAUSE. When you know the cause, you can prevent the problem. When you know the CAUSE you can treat and sometimes reverse the problem.

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