Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beyond Organic - Jordan Rubin's New Food Company

World, say hello to the next level of eating nutritious Organic food - BEYOND ORGANIC. I know many of you who read this blog, follow me on Twitter or Facebook or simply find me on searches for health and wellness, love eating high quality Organic foods. 

I have had the pleasure to spend a lot of time recently, both on the phone and in person, with Jordan Rubin the creator of BEYOND ORGANIC. You may know Jordan as he is the author of 'The Makers Diet', 'Perfect Weight America', and most recently, 'Raw Truth'. Jordan as well founded one of the largest natural vitamin and supplement companies in the world, 'Garden of Life' which you no doubt have seen on shelves at almost every Organic grocer and health food or nutrition store.

What is important to understand is that the term Organic has become as 'overused' and 'abused' as the term Wellness. I mean c'mon, there are 'Wellness' clinics that do abortions!!! Similarly, now there are Organic 'Oreo' cookies, Organic jelly beans, and Organic soda pop!!! While there's no doubt the Organic version is a much better alternative then the commercial versions, there is a whole other level to healthy eating about to launch, and thats BEYOND ORGANIC.

Jordan's new company takes Organic food to the next level - BEYOND Organic. For instance, the 'Green Fed' standard for his cattle heard goes way beyond the current standard of Grass fed organic cattle. Which by the way, are still vaccinated, fed grass MOST of the time, many times finished with grain, and never fed legumes, herbs, or other forage that is natural to them. That's only the beginning. What's better yet, is most of these foods will be able to be delivered right to your doorstep, and you never have to go shopping. (I know my wife is going to love that!) It's coming on October third. Sign up as an insider today, don't miss out!!!

Visit my 'Virtual Farmer's Market' here and begin consuming the world's healthiest foods and beverages right from the farm to your family.  

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