Monday, May 9, 2011

Steve Jobs Says: Be A Yardstick of Quality...

"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."
- Steve Jobs

While every single technique in chiropractic definitely works, there is no doubt a couple that stand way above the rest. I am currently going through advanced certification with Dr. Tony Nalda, of Maximized Living. Dr. Nalda is the leader of the essential #2 of Maximized Living: Maximized Nerve Supply. Dr. Nalda has studied nearly every corrective technique out there, with the majority of his most recent tutelage coming from The CLEAR Institute, leaders in Scoliosis Correction through spinal adjusting. Their roots come from Dr. Dennis Woggon, who learned his foundational techniques from The Pettibon System.

Just this weekend I had the pleasure of sitting front row to watch and learn from Dr. Nalda on the latest, cutting edge corrective technique applications available today! What an amazing weekend. Check out this short video of my good friend and colleague Dr. Paul Stoetzel receiving a few different cervical adjustments with the Arthrostim instrument.

One of the most amazing things of the weekend is to watch an adjustment under 'DMX', which is Digital Motion Xray. To actually SEE an adjustment to the spine do EXACTLY what it's supposed to do right on the screen, was simply INCREDIBLE.

As a doctor who has an affinity for and specializes in caring for Children, especially children with Neurodevelopmental disorders like Autism, Aspergers, PDD-NOS, ADD/ADHD to name a few, this weekend was beyond impactful. Why? Because these children especially MUST have a spine and nerve system FREE of interference in order to function at their full-potential. Check out this short animation about kids with ADD and ADHD and the medications they swallow regularly...

Below you will see one case of a child who I have cared for in my clinic with some pretty amazing spinal correction...

Why are these xrays important? Because inside the spine lives the nervous system. And ON THE LEFT, you are looking at an extremely scoliosed spine of a little boy diagnosed with Autism. He was non-verbal, little to no focus, poor eye contact, and had the habit of running off if he wasn't restrained. After 3 months of corrective care that Dr. Nalda has taught me, ON THE RIGHT you will see a nearly totally corrected spine. Now the boy has a nervous system under little to no stress, his brain and body make much better messaging connections to and fro, and his life is transformed. He started speaking during his care, his eye contact and focus were greatly improved, and he no longer had the urge to run off. His parents could actually sit and relax with out worrying about him any more. Now let me make this next point VERY CLEAR - I DID NOT HEAL HIS AUTISM AND HE STILL CARRIES THAT DIAGNOSIS...but how is his quality of life? His family's quality of life? His internal health of his central nerve system and organs? ALL MUCH BETTER no doubt.

Don't miss the 'No Labels, No Limits.' event coming to Chicagoland on Saturday, May 14th. Learn the research behind this type of care for children. Simply amazing.

“We started to see more productive things happen once he was under chiropractic care.”

My name is Desiree Rinehart and this is my son Dylan Rinehart. Dylan is on the autism spectrum and before chiropractic we did a lot of biomedical intervention. It seemed like it got us to really good places but we started to see more things happen that were more productive once we started him under chiropractic care. Scarily enough we were told that Dylan would not be able to function in a regular classroom, that he would always need special education. We were actually told not to waste money on alternative care. That he was always gong to need care in the future. Now, he is actually main stream in four classes. He is doing remarkable well. He is communicating much more; he is seeking the attention of other people, outside the family which he wouldn’t do before. His speech has just gone through the roof! Chiropractic care is probably the most amazing things we have come in contact with. I know we would not be where we are today without it. Absolutely everyone needs chiropractic care and I just didn’t realize that until I brought my son here. Maximized Living is a way of life. It’s the way everyone should live in this toxic world.

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